How long will I need to book wedding car(s) for?

Every wedding is different.

We have received bookings for 10 hours, a booking for an eleven minute transfer to the ceremony only (which took us over 2.34 hours to get to in the Hunter Valley), bookings for getaway cars only and a booking for a cab to be used as a wishing well at a reception.

For some people, a London black cab is an essential part of their wedding day. Perhaps the couple met or lived in the United Kingdom, or shared their first kiss in the back of a black cab. For others, the 5 or 6 seats offer a stylish and unique, yet economical method of transportation.

We don’t want to dictate YOUR special day but we have put together a guide to help you with your planning and answer some common questions. We tried to keep this short and not overwhelming but there is a lot to consider. Should you have any queries not covered below or on our FAQs, please feel free to call 1300 885 190 or email us info@blackcabcentral.com.au


Sample booking

Pickup details

Cab 1: Groom | Driver: James 0000 000 000 | 5hr Hire
Pickup time: 1.00pm
Pickup address: 28 XXXXX ST , Condell Park, Sydney, NSW
Number of passengers: 6 ADULTS
Contact person: Joe Bloggs 0000 000 000

Cab 2: Bride | Driver: Jim 0000 000 000 | 4.5hr Hire
Pickup time: 1.00pm – request for this cab to be the more modern cab
Pickup address: 12 XXXX Street, Canterbury, Sydney, NSW
Number of passengers: 4 ADULTS
Contact person: Jen Bloggs 0000 000 000

Cab 3: Bridal party | Driver: Bryan 0000 000 000 | 2.5hr Hire
Pickup time: 3.00pm
Number of passengers: 4 ADULTS
Contact person: Jim Bloggs 0000 000 000

Preferred route: use GPS
Ceremony Time: 2.00pm
Ceremony Address and contact details: SAINT GERASIMOS GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH

Cap departs: 4.35pm

Photo location: Observatory Hill Park, Upper Fort St, Millers Point NSW 2000

Cab departs: 5.50pm

Reception time: 6.00pm

Cab #2 & #3 Hire time finishes: 5.30pm 
Cab #1 Hire time finishes: 6pm

White Ribbons on all cars
Photographer’s contact details: Jason Bloggs 0000 000 000
Music Preferences: Britpop / Slayer

– – –

Getaway car requirements: Please arrange 3 standard (taxi) London cabs at the conclusion of wedding, 12.00am
1 for bride & groom – CBD Hotel: Shangri La Hotel Driver: Changi 0000 000 000
1 for family of groom – Condell Park address: 28 Yanderra Street, Condell Park Driver: Eric 0000 000 000
1 for family of bride – Canterbury address: 12 Bellbird Street, Canterbury Driver: Attila 0000 000 000

Car facts

  • FX4 Classic Cabs can seat up to 6 people with cab ‘007 LDN’ featuring anchor points for child seats (which we can provide with compliments). * Please note, there is limited baggage space in the classic Cabs when they are occupied by 6 passengers, as the boot contains the aftermarket air conditioning and complimentary drinks.
  •  TX4 London Taxis can seat up to 5 people with dedicated storage space next to the driver.


Our minimum wedding package includes cab hire for up to two hours, with additional time available in half hour increments (click here for full details of inclusions and prices).

To help determine how long you will require the cab(s) for, please answer questions below or use our free wedding planner spreadsheet


We recommend using Google maps to work out the travel time for each transfer and then add an additional 5-10 mins either side to allow for photos, time to get in/out of the cab and speedy, 1950s motorcar technology.


  1. Groom’s/Bride’s pickup address and time?
  2. Travel Time to ceremony? (The groom traditionally arrives 30 mins before start of ceremony)
  3. Number of passengers? Will there be any luggage or child seats needed?
  4. Bride’s/Bride #2’s/Groom #2’s pickup address and time?
  5. Travel time to ceremony from bride pickup?
  6. Number of passengers (parents/bridesmaids/flower girls/dog/photographer)?
  7. Will there be any luggage or child seats needed?


  1. Would you like photos of the married couple together with the car? Allow 10-15 mins for pics next to the car, inside the car, with bridal party, without bridal party, in the driver’s seat etc.
  2. Would you like to travel to a separate location for photographs? If so, how many people need to be transported?
  3. Do you need to be transferred to the reception? If so, how many people need to be transported?
  4. Do you need a getaway car at the conclusion of the reception? Our getaway service starts at $295. *TIP* check with your Reception venue/hotel as some offer this getaway service free of charge

Suggestions / considerations

  • If you do not yet know the full details of your day, it is perfectly acceptable to book the cab(s) for the minimum time and refine the booking time closer to the wedding.
  • Hire time can be used to make multiple pickups/drop offs, eg. groom to be transferred to the ceremony followed by bride.
  • Consider the traffic flow and allow for possible delays on the day of your wedding.
  • Consider which route you’d like to take. It’s not every day you get married so perhaps take the scenic route to enjoy the reaction of the public and the experience of travelling in a wedding car
  • Consider if there are any roadworks, or sporting or major events taking place along your chosen
  • Consider the weather and possible wet weather plans and how this will affect travel time.
  • Wedding dresses are not known for their comfort; we recommend using the bathroom in the comfort of your own home or hotel room prior to boarding.
  • Some wedding dresses are bigger than others. Factor this into travel arrangements and number of passengers per car.
  • Try to account for any possible delays (rush hour traffic, bridge openings, comfort stops, photographs etc) and please add 5-10 minutes to all Google journey times.
  • Once you have a rough schedule, to avoid disappointment or additional car hire charges on the day, we suggest speaking with your photographer and drafting a runsheet for photos aligned with the cab hire time, reception start time and sunset time (where applicable).  *TIP* All good, considerate photographers will prepare a runsheet but sadly many don’t. Choosing a calm, personable, professional photographer is the most important decision you will make regarding your wedding. Ensure you meet in person with your photographer prior to booking and read independent reviews. The behavior we have witnessed from some photographers on people’s special day has been simply horrific. Please choose wisely.
  • Getaway car: If you have booked wedding cars during the day, question whether this expense is necessary as many couples are very tired / intoxicated by the end of the reception and don’t remember too much about the getaway. If you do decide to book a getaway car, to get full value of the experience and some great footage of the event, we suggest you organise a sparkler or flower send off and task someone to video it.

Next steps

Thank you for reading our article, we hope you found it useful. Please tag or share with anyone you know who may be getting married. Should you have any queries or wish to discuss possibly making a booking, please feel free to call 1300 885 190 or email us info@blackcabcentral.com.au


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