Black Cab Central deliver unforgettable experiences using the iconic London Black Cab.

We can provide a National solution to all your wedding, promotional, film or hire car needs.

We are very proud of our independent 5 star rating and will do our utmost to make your event as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

Please take a moment to read through our service offerings and please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries or wish to discuss your specific requirements.

Some reasons why a London Black Cab:

Iconic and eye-catching: With fewer than 30 classic London cabs in Australia and less than 50 TX4 London Taxis in Sydney, there aren’t many vehicles on these shores that generate as much attention from all age groups
Comfort and reliability: Features include air conditioning, and face-to-face seating in a designated passenger cabin. The FX4 worked the streets of London for over 50 years and even today, is probably amongst the most comfortable passenger vehicles in the world.
As British as cup of tea or t-shirt sun tan: There is no better way to advertise a British product, pay tribute to your British heritage or relive memories of a British adventure
Seats up to 6 adults (classic cab) including wheelchair access
Just because they are cool in anyone’s eyes 🙂



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FX4 Black Cab Enthusiast’s Manual

To learn more about the iconic London Black Cabs, buy this fantastic book by Bill Munrow.  (Please use the link below to order. It doesn’t cost you any extra but we get a small tip from Amazon. Thank you :))



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