London Black Cab Self-drive Hire

Ever dreamed of being a London Cabbie? Well, we can’t quite facilitate that but you can hire one of our cabs for the day and drive through ‘Paddington’ and park up next to ‘The London’ pub for a quick pint and pretend you are in Blighty. Or you may wish to surprise your partner with a picnic at the beach or even drive your daughter to her wedding…

If you are one of the 5 in the rear passenger section, you are spoilt rotten with space to spread out.  You can even fit a wheelchair in the back and still seat 4 more. You also get air conditioning, leather seats, walnut trimmings, power windows, tinted glass, a Clarion sound system and an intercom so you can harangue the driver to make your wedding trip just that but more entertaining!

If you are the driver, you have a luxury cloth seat, more power windows, central locking, 5 rear view mirrors (2 of them powered), air conditioning and a sun roof.  Add in the high seating position, awesome 2.7 litre diesel motor, automatic gearbox and power steering giving you that ridiculously small turning circle that London cabs are famous for and you have one of the easiest cars to drive.  Oh, and the intercom works both ways, so you can regale your passengers with your witty responses to their haranguing!  And that small turning circle makes it great for all those wedding venues with limited parking and tight entrances.

There is an interesting BBC documentary on the London Cab here.

Some advantages of our London Cabs:

– Lots of seats! The rear leather bench seat sits 3 in comfort.  Then there are two fold down, rear facing seats to give you room for 5.
– Lots of room!  Even with a full wedding party of 5 in the rear you will be surprised how much room there still is.
– Big door!  The rear doors are big enough to get a wheel chair in so lots of room for voluminous wedding gowns.
– Great for anyone with disabilities.  Whether in a wheel chair, using a frame or just recovering from a hip operation, the easy access, many grab handles and lots of space makes them very safe and comfortable.
– Photographers love them. They are black!  Great as a backdrop to wedding gowns of any colour – though not so good for funerals!
– Great manoueverability. London Cabs are famous for their tiny turning circle, making them great for parking in tight spots or navigating tight bends and roads.
– Finally – just more fun!!  They are a giggle to drive, to ride in and to be seen in.  And, let’s face it, your weddding is all about having as much fun as possible to make your wedding as memorable as possible.



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